New Holland ProBelt 450 Built for Intelligent Baling

New Holland ProBelt 450 Built for Intelligent Baling
Apr 16, 2024

Heavy-Duty Design and Intelligent Automation 

By Ryan Ridley

New Holland Agriculture introduces the ProBelt 450 Premium Round Baler with IntelliBale technology, a machine built for heavy-duty use and intelligent farming operations. spoke with Noah Pendry, Field Marketing Specialist with New Holland about the ProBelt. 

Pendry says the ProBelt 450 is “built for business” and is designed for long-lasting performance, and features enhanced components throughout the machine. This includes heavy-duty bearings, sprockets, chains, and gearboxes to ensure smooth operation even in abrasive conditions. 

The baler comes equipped with two double rollers and four endless belts, all covered by a three-year warranty. Customers can choose between a standard pickup, a super feed model with no knives, or a crop cutter with either 13 or 25 knives depending on their needs.  

The pickup also comes with a three-year / 22,000 bale warranty, and the entire machine is backed by a two-year bumper-to-bumper warranty. 

The ProBelt 450 Premium Round Baler is compatible with ISOBUS tractors. An ISOBUS compatible monitor is available for tractors without this functionality, allowing for plug-and-play operation and a user-friendly touchscreen interface.  Even if you do not have ISOBUS, an ISOBUS compatible monitor can be used. 

One of the key highlights of the ProBelt 450 is its intelligent baling system, known as IntelliBale. This system can automatically stop the tractor, wrap the bale, and eject it without any input from the operator. However, IntelliBale requires a compatible tractor with specific features. 

When properly equipped, IntelliBale offers several benefits. It ensures consistent bale size by stopping the tractor precisely when the bale is full.  

It also minimizes operator fatigue by automating repetitive tasks like opening the tailgate. The automatic sequence also reduces baling time by eliminating delays between cycles. 

The New Holland ProBelt 450 Premium Round Baler is a strong contender for farmers seeking a durable and intelligent baling solution. Its heavy-duty build promises long-lasting performance, while the IntelliBale system offers significant improvements in efficiency and operator comfort. 

Watch the video below to learn more about the New Holland ProBelt 450 and IntelliBale technology. 

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