New Canadian ag finance solution provider launches

New Canadian ag finance solution provider launches
Oct 25, 2023

Farm Lending Canada offers multiple services

By Diego Flammini
Staff Writer

A new financial solutions provider is available to Canadian farmers.

Farm Lending Canada out of Chatham, Ont., offers services in the ag space including financing, consulting and wealth management.

The company exists to support farmers who may require assistance they can’t get from traditional lenders, says Robb Nelson, CEO of Farm Lending Canada.

Robb Nelson
Robb Nelson

“If a farmer doesn’t fit into the box of a bank or other lender, we’re here to assist to bridge Canadian farmers back to traditional financing,” he told “We’re focused on helping the Canadian farmer rather than putting private debt on them that they’re never going to get out of.”

Services are available to farmers across Canada except in Quebec and the territories.

To be a Farm Lending Canada client, a farmer must be a AAA borrower.

About 80 per cent of the farming community are AAA borrowers, Nelson said.

And then there’s 20 per cent of the farming population that may require additional support.

“If they’re being pushed out by a traditional lender, that’s when they come to us and they go into our alternative debt fund,” Nelson said. “We look at the business model and look at how we can get that farmer back into mainstream funding.”

Farm Lending Canada offers alternative financing for one- to three-year terms, its website says.

And about 60 per cent of the organization’s bridge financing clients transition to traditional financing within 24 months.

The organization also offers residential and commercial financing.

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