A new campaign seeks to bring pride to Canadian canola

A new campaign seeks to bring pride to Canadian canola
Oct 25, 2023

The National Canola Marketing Programs launches the Canadian farmer-led Hello Canola program.

By Andrew Joseph, Farms.com; Image by Image by Steve Buissinne from Pixabay

The National Canola Marketing Program (NCMP)—representatives and farmers from Alberta Canola, SaskCanola, and Manitoba Canola Growers—have launched Hello Canola, a new farmer-led initiative aimed at instilling pride in and increasing knowledge of canola.

While many Canadians know canola for the golden yellow flower fields and as a heart-healthy cooking oil in our kitchens, few understand the positive impact this remarkable crop is making on Canada’s economy, our environment, and our communities.

“Canola is a true made-in-Canada success story that we couldn’t be more excited to tell,” explained Jennifer Dyck, the NCMP Co-Lead. “With our Hello Canola campaign, we want to showcase the important role canola plays in Canadians’ daily lives and the various uses and applications it has in the kitchen and beyond."

Canola was developed in the 1970s by Canadian researchers and named to reflect its origins: “Can” as in Canada and “ola” as in oil.

Canola crops contribute $29.9 billion to the Canadian economy each year and account for more than 207,000 Canadian jobs.

Per the NCMP, the crop continues to increase in value and importance due to its various uses outside of the food industry, including the beauty, pet food, manufacturing, and biofuel industries. Canola also has a strong history of helping Canada reduce its overall GHG emissions and is an ideal home and food source for Canada’s honeybees.

"When thinking about how we could share all these amazing canola facts, the idea of bringing the crop to life as a lovable Canadian canola character felt like the perfect fit,” said Dyck. “After all, what’s more Canadian than canola? It should be held in the same high regard as other national icons like the moose and maple syrup."

The humble and charming Canadian Canola character at the centre of the new Hello Canola campaign was first introduced in August 2023 through a series of short videos that highlighted and celebrated canola’s impact on our everyday lives. Now, Canadian Canola is making its official debut with the launch of a fully integrated digital campaign that includes a new website, hero video, ambassador program, social content, and more.

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