N.C. ag organization holding referendum

N.C. ag organization holding referendum
Feb 22, 2023

The vote will take place March 14

By Diego Flammini
Staff Writer

Corn growers in North Carolina will vote on whether to continue providing an ag organization with funds to conduct various programs.

On March 14, the North Carolina Corn Growers Association will hold a referendum.

“The producers will vote for or against the collection of 1.25 cents per bushel of corn marketed to be used for programs in marketing, production, research, education and general welfare of corn in NC,” a release says. “And the Association is proposing to change the assessment to 0.30 (percent) of settlement.

All farmers who produce #2 yellow dent corn intended for livestock feed, including tenants, sharecroppers and others, are eligible to vote.

Under state law, two-thirds of the votes cast must be in favor of the referendum to pass.

Should the referendum succeed, the organization is planning to fund an endowed chair position at N.C. State University to ensure the N.C. State Cropping Specialist for Corn position is filled.

And the assessment would be in effect for six years beginning with the 2023 crop harvest season.

And for those who vote in opposition, those people will be able to receive a refund of any money collected under the assessment program.

Farmers looking for more information on the referendum can contact Rhonda Garrison with the Corn Growers Association at (919) 803-4778 or Karla Frizzell with N.C. State University at (919) 515-3252.

Other corn farmers recently voted on a similar program.

In Michigan, corn producers voted in favor of the Corn Marketing Program of Michigan.

Beginning March 1 and continuing to Feb. 28, 2028, the current assessment rate is one cent per bushel.

Of the 1,451 valid votes cast, 1,271 producers (88 percent) voted yes.

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