MSU's Swine Management SOPs: Empowering Excellence in the U.S. Swine Industry

Jun 19, 2023

Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) play a crucial role in the U.S. swine industry, providing essential instructions for routine and technical tasks. These SOPs are particularly focused on meeting the requirements of NPB-sanctioned audit training processes, such as the Pork Quality Assurance Plus (PQA+) Site Assessment Audit or the Common Swine Industry Audit (CSIA). By adhering to these guidelines, swine producers can establish a safe environment for both swine and personnel, while ensuring the production of high-quality pork products for consumers.

The Michigan State University Extension pork team has developed a comprehensive set of SOPs, freely available to all swine producers, that align with the expectations of various programs and processors:

1. Housing and Environment:To maintain optimal conditions for swine, SOPs include

  • Back-Up Emergency Equipment Maintenance Record
  • Rodent Control SOP
  • Handling Equipment SOP
  • Rodent Station Label
  • Daily Temperature Record Sheet

2. Daily Animal Care: SOPs covering essential daily care tasks comprise

  • Feeding and Watering SOP 
  • Treatment Management SOP
  • Daily Observation SOP
  • Piglet Processing SOP
  • Moving Non-ambulatory Animals SOP
  • Euthanasia SOP


3. Record-Keeping and Data Management: To ensure efficient data management, SOPs address

  • Emergency Action Plan SOP
  • Euthanasia Action Plan SOP
  • Needle and Sharp Usage SOP
  • Mortality Record Sheet

4. Training and Employee Safety: Promoting employee knowledge and welfare through SOPs like:

  • Animal Care and Abuse Policy
  • Biosecurity Policy
  • Visitor and Service Persons Biosecurity Policy SOP
  • Farm Visitor Log-In Sheet
  • Individual Caretaker Training Record
  • Caretaker Training

Customizing SOPs based on specific operational needs and consulting with veterinary or swine management experts is essential. The freely available SOPs created by the Michigan State University Extension pork team serve as valuable resources for swine producers, helping them meet the requirements of PQA+ and CSIA assessments. By implementing and consistently following these SOPs, swine operations can ensure the well-being of both swine and personnel, ultimately delivering safe and high-quality pork products to consumers.

To download the SOPS, visit:

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