Many cows were killed in a barn fire in Arthur

Many cows were killed in a barn fire in Arthur
Aug 28, 2023

The August 26 fire caused a barn to collapse that had held up to 300 beef cattle, but the exact number of dead cattle is as yet unknown.

By Andrew Joseph,; Photo by Dallas Penner on Unsplash – Photo is a general image of a barn fire.  

This past Saturday, August 26, 2023, saw a barn that housed up to 300 beef cattle burn to the ground.

Although no farm workers or emergency responders were hurt in the blaze, many cattle did die, but the exact number is not yet known.

Several fire stations responded to the barn fire at around 4 p.m. in the area of Line 12 between Sideroad 3 and Wellington Road 14 near Arthur, Ontario.

It is feared that the cattle loss could be significant, despite the efforts of neighbours working to help remove the panicked animals to safety.

The fire service is guesstimating that over 100 cows were killed.

Although unable to provide specifics, fire officials believe that the fire started somewhere in the hayloft.

The fast-moving fire caused a corner of the barn to collapse within 10 minutes of the arrival of fire services, with the entire building collapsing soon after.

With the loss of animal life and the barn, the cost of damages could be in the millions of dollars.

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