Manitoba seeding update as of June 6

Jun 09, 2016

Seeding is close to being completed

By Diego Flammini
Assistant Editor, North American Content

According to the latest Crop Report from the Manitoba Ministry of Agriculture, seeding is almost complete across the province.

“Seeding operations are wrapping up for the 2016 season in Manitoba with progress estimated at 99 per cent complete,” the report says. “Crop types remaining to be seeded include canola and cereal crops for greenfed and silage.”

Farmer in field

In the Southwest Region, most cereal crops are planted with the exception of some greenfed and silage acres.

The canola crop is seeded and most has emerged, and peas have been sprayed and are advancing well.

The winter wheat crop may lost some yield due to lack of moisture earlier in the season.

“Overall, crops look to be in good condition, in the Southwest Region,” the report reads. “Some areas had uneven germination, but the recent precipitation will help these crop even out.”

In the Northwest Region, seeding is about 98 per cent complete. All of the wheat crop has been planted and emerged, with about 60 per cent tillering.

All of the canola crop is seeded and about 90 per cent has emerged; about 95 per cent of the province’s soybeans are seeded and of those, 85 per cent has emerged.

In Manitoba’s Central Region, canola seeding is almost done and the crop is emerging quickly. Corn planting is done and a recent spell of moisture and warm temperatures has some of the crop in the six-leaf stage.

The Eastern Region has experienced cool, wet weather recently which may force some producers to switch from soybeans to canola.

Canola is in the early rosette to four-leaf stage, and soybeans are in the first unifoliate leaf stage.

The province’s Interlake Region has completed about 95 per cent of its seeding with some areas remaining to be planted as a result of excessive moisture.

“Overall, crops look fine but in areas where moisture is an issue, crop injury is evident,” the report reads.

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