Leamington Mayor Tweets about Heinz Speculation

Feb 26, 2014

By Amanda Brodhagen, Farms.com

In the midst of growing speculation that Heinz tomato processing plant in Leamington, Ont., could reopen, the town’s mayor John Paterson tweeted some doubt about the news.

Paterson said on Wednesday that he had a “lengthy discussion” at the Ontario Good Roads Association conference, but that he’s “not sure media’s info on Heinz pending announcement is accurate.”

Unconfirmed media reports have indicated that an announcement could be made this week, Wednesday or Thursday, about a potential deal regarding the future of the Heinz plant.

The mayor did however; say that his municipality had been in ongoing talks with an interested party, who hinted that he should be in the community this week.

But Paterson told media that he doesn’t know if it is an indication that a deal between the two parties has been reached.

Heinz said last November that it planned to close the 104-year-old factory by June 2014, displacing close to 800 full-time employees and 500 seasonal workers.

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