Lake Diefenbaker's waters set to flow - boosting Ag sector

Feb 15, 2024


Announced in 2020 by the Government of Saskatchewan, the Lake Diefenbaker Irrigation Project stands as a crucial water management initiative, poised to invigorate over 500,000 acres of agricultural land.

Supported by both federal and provincial investments, this project is a symbol of hope for numerous rural municipalities (RMs) affected by persistent drought conditions, aiming to fortify the viability of their farmland and the economic resilience of rural communities.

The Saskatchewan Association of Rural Municipalities (SARM), along with its member RMs, has actively advocated for the expedited commencement of this project. With 90% of the canal infrastructure for Phase 1 already completed by 2023, the anticipation for water delivery is high. 

Beyond the scope of irrigation, the project is anticipated to catalyze economic growth in various smaller communities, enhance construction employment, encourage farm expansion, and increase local traffic.  The forthcoming Phase 2, dubbed Project 2 Westside, promises to extend irrigation to an additional 260,000 acres, amplifying these advantages.

Ray Orb, SARM's President, has highlighted the enduring benefits of the project for enhancing crop diversity and improving farm profitability. In the wake of agricultural disaster declarations due to drought in 2023, the need for the project's swift realization is more pressing than ever.

Saskatchewan's farmers, lauded for their commitment to land stewardship, urgently require this irrigation infrastructure to boost food production for both Canadian and international consumers.

SARM's request to the provincial government for a clear launch date for Phase 1 underscores the critical demand and enthusiasm for the project. With the canal system nearly complete, it's time for action and to witness the transformative power of water flow, heralding a promising future for Saskatchewan's agricultural landscape. 

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