Lab-Grown meat for troops? Cattle industry objects

Jun 10, 2024

Research grant sparks debate on military food options


The National Cattlemen's Beef Association (NCBA) is expressing strong disapproval of a Department of Defense (DOD) research grant awarded to BioMADE for developing lab-grown meat products for the military.

The NCBA views this as a misguided investment, questioning the quality of lab-grown meat compared to traditionally raised beef.

Ethan Lane, NCBA Vice President of Government Affairs, voiced his concerns. He argues that American troops deserve the "highest-quality beef" and criticizes lab-grown meat as "ultra-processed" and produced in "chemical-filled bioreactors."

The NCBA also emphasizes the environmental benefits of US cattle ranching, claiming it has a "low carbon footprint." They see lab-grown meat as an unnecessary departure from a successful food system.

This news highlights the debate surrounding lab-grown meat. While some see it as a sustainable and ethical future of food production, others, like the NCBA, prioritize traditional agriculture and question the quality and safety of this new technology.

The DOD's involvement adds a new dimension to the conversation, raising questions about the role of lab-grown meat in military food supply chains.

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