Having a FloraPulse on orchards and vineyards

Having a FloraPulse on orchards and vineyards
Mar 26, 2024

Designed by Cornell scientists to save money and increase yields, FloraPulse’s system aims to enhance crop quality and environmental health for the future of regenerative agriculture.

By Andrew Joseph, Farms.com

Just as only you know when you're thirsty, so too are plants the only ones that know when they require water.

If only there was a way to communicate with a plant to find out when exactly that is. But wait! Say hello to microT, a precision agriculture technology—an easy-to-install water sensor—that provides accurate, real-time feedback on plant thirst, allowing farmers to make fast decisions to better benefit their crops.

Developing a way to acquire data directly from plants, FloraPulse is now able to provide ag professionals such as woody crop owners and managers, nut and dry fruit growers, fresh fruit growers, commercial orchard/vineyard operators, government and university researchers, certified crop consultants, scientists, and more with accurate, automated measurements on plant water status. It said its technology works best—right now—for orchards and vineyards, with the company saying it is ideal for such crops as almonds, hazelnuts, wine grapes, apples, peaches, and berries.

The microT system is comprised of patented hardware, software, and technical support for each user to directly manage water stress, reducing water and labor costs and risks while increasing yields, crop quality, and environmental health.

FloraPulse provides growers and researchers with accurate and trusted automated measurements of water stress directly from trees and vines. The patented technology—used worldwide—provides science-based advice to optimize irrigation, increase profits, and valuable research data.

The microT was developed via the research and collaboration of Cornell University’s emeritus professor of horticulture, Alan Lakso, Director of the Smith School of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering, Abraham Strook, and mechanical engineering Ph.D. and microT technology developer, Michael Santiago.

“FloraPulse is a game-changer for the entire agricultural industry,” said Lakso. “After years of research and development, our team created the first simple-to-use device that provides farmers and researchers with real-time data that helps growers and researchers achieve efficient water use in the face of variable climate conditions.”

The company’s revolutionary real-time water sensing technology allows for more resilient plant health systems that enhance our agricultural system and farmers’ bottom lines. The team offers premium technical support and assistance.

For more information, visit www.florapulse.com.

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