Grain Growers of Canada launch

Grain Growers of Canada launch
Feb 18, 2020

The website encourages farmers to share how much carbon tax they’re paying

By Diego Flammini
Staff Writer

A national grain organization is encouraging Canadian producers to share how the carbon tax is affecting their bottom lines.

Grain Growers of Canada launched as a way of showing the federal government how the carbon tax is increasing operating costs for Canadian farmers.

The website provides a platform for farmers to share their stories from the 2019 harvest and to post their grain-drying bills. The website also includes carbon tax estimates from industry organizations.

“This issue is too important to delay,” Jeff Nielsen, chair of Grain Growers of Canada, said in a statement. “We are working with our member groups to compile data and share the real cost of the carbon tax with (Minister Bibeau). This is why we have launched (the website). It is an important avenue to demonstrate the burden that the carbon tax has inflicted on their operations.”

The Agricultural Producers Association of Saskatchewan, for example, estimates farmers “can expect to lose 8 per cent of their 2020 total net income to the carbon tax.”

Members of opposing political parties are supporting Canadian farmers’ requests for all fuels to be exempt from the carbon tax for farming operations.

Philip Lawrence, the Conservative MP for Northumberland – Peterborough South, introduced a private member’s bill on Tuesday calling for amendments to the Greenhouse Gas Pollution Pricing Act, the bill responsible for implementing the carbon tax pricing system.

“Currently, only diesel and gasoline are exempted from the carbon tax, however, we are working to exempt both propane and natural gas as well,” Lawrence told reporters in Ottawa. “By changing a few words (in the bill) we will save our farmers millions of dollars, strengthen our rural economy and fight carbon emissions.”

John Barlow, the Conservative agriculture critic, supported Lawrence’s legislation.

Industry groups have provided the federal government with evidence of how the carbon tax has affected producers and it’s time for the Liberals to act, he said.

Minister Bibeau “has been saying for months that she doesn’t have evidence or data of the impact that the carbon tax is having on farmers,” Barlow said. “There is a definitive, negative impact on Canadian agriculture. The average grain farm is losing tens of thousands of dollars a year to the carbon tax.”

Grain Growers of Canada is the second industry organization to launch a campaign opposing the federal tax.

In November 2019, the Western Canadian Wheat Growers introduced its No Farm Carbon Tax petition. has reached out to Minister Bibeau’s office for comment.

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Comments (2)

I do not farm but I work very closely with farmers across North America. Farmers have the highest potential to store carbon and positively effect climate change. More so than any other sector of society. Not only should farmers be exempt from carbon tax but the entire revenue stream including the GST from the carbon tax should go straight back to farmers in the form of incentives to set aside non profitable land in permanent green space, establishing riparian buffer strips adjacent to drains, inter-planting, relay planting, poly crop planting, green planting, bio strip planting, double cropping or any other practice that keeps the soil green during the length of the growing season. The current plan is no plan at all. Giving the carbon tax revenue back to consumers while trying to influence climate change is like trying to fill a jug with a hole in the bottom. From my personal perspective the carbon tax has increased the amount of gasoline I use because the price of everything went up following the implementation of the tax at the pump. I am working harder and driving further to stay even and therefore contributing more carbon to the equation not less. I am not opposed to the carbon tax in principle but for gosh sake's lets channel the revenue to the managers of our land and enable them to make a positive difference. Stop the insanity and start using our heads.
JIM BOAK |Feb 20 2020 8:22AM
I'm a researcher that knows solar science is the key regarding climate change. NASA et al has always said this despite recent propaganda. The media and "powers that be" have been dismissing this when discussing the climate modeling. There is new and emerging research and technology that clearly indicates that CO2 is not what the taxman claims it is. The IPCC will release its next report in 2022. Solar science will finally be included. Whether that research definitively reveals what is actually happening (or not), after the 2022 harvest season it will be clear that cooling and cold weather crop losses are the new norm. Global food shortages will accelerate and explode. Governments should be taken to court and challenged to prove that man-made CO2 is the cause of warming (and that things overall actually are warming) via cause and effect evidence - which therefore warrants a carbon tax. Climate change is real. Pollution is real. Negative human impacts on nature and the planet are real. This must be remedied asap. Fossil fuels aren't good and we have tech that can be released to offset this. We have a weakening magnetosphere; drastically increasing cosmic Ray's and related particles; and, a serious pole shift excursion that may trip over to a flip sooner than later. CO2 has nothing to do with this and the increasing number and intensity of earthquakes and volcanoes. Historical records from ancient civilizations also support the notion that the climate changes we are seeing are not new. This info has not been utilized and calculated into the top 32 climate models either. Agenda 21 / 30 and the climate fiasco are driven by powers set on globalism of the negative sort. There's an agenda well highlighted by Orwell, Huxley, the Fabian Society and the bankers. The truth is not a conspiracy theory. It's in plain sight. I'm mad as hell.
MC |Feb 19 2020 3:07PM

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