Grain Farmers of Ontario Lobby for Carbon Tax Exemption

Apr 02, 2024

By Jean-Paul McDonald

The Grain Farmers of Ontario, representing 28,000 farmers, are calling on the federal government to exempt grain drying from the carbon tax. The carbon tax is set to increase on April 1, 2024, raising concerns for farmers facing limited options for drying grain. 

Grain Farmers of Ontario Chair Jeff Harrison argues that the tax unfairly penalizes farmers for a necessary process. Drying grain is essential for safe storage and consumption. Grain farmers lack viable alternatives to current drying technologies, and the rising tax adds to their financial burden. 

Harrison highlights the confusion among Canadians who see food bank lineups while the government increases food production costs. He emphasizes the provincial government's support for farmers, Premier Doug Ford issued a public statement on the carbon tax and Ontario Minister of Agriculture, Food, and Rural Affairs Lisa Thompson sent a letter to the federal government signed by Ontario commodity organizations. 

The Grain Farmers of Ontario urge the Liberal government to implement a grain drying exemption when the House of Commons resumes after Easter. This exemption would help alleviate the financial pressure on Ontario grain farmers. 

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