Gov’ts support Man. beekeepers

Gov’ts support Man. beekeepers
Oct 19, 2020

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The Manitoba and federal governments invested more than $210,000 in establishing a Knowledge Research Transfer Program

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Manitoba beekeepers will soon have a program to help support bee health and increase production in the province.

Recently, the Governments of Canada and Manitoba announced funding from the Canadian Agricultural Partnership to go towards the Manitoba Beekeepers Association.

The association received more than $210,000 to help establish a new Knowledge Research Transfer Program (KRTP).

Through the program, beekeepers can access improved risk management tools and techniques for better efficiency and to increase production. The association will also use the funds to help develop a bee health monitoring service, identify best management practices to reduce annual winter losses and establish strong connections with veterinarians to manage bee health risks, the government release said.

“It's important to stabilize the industry and makes things more sound (through) these kinds of resources,” said Mark Friesen. He’s the chairperson for the Manitoba Beekeepers Association and a beekeeper in southern Manitoba.

A project lead will help steer the KRTP program, work on best management practices and connect with beekeepers in the province, said Friesen.

“I am pleased to have the funding announced,” he said. “It's exciting to have the province supporting what they can identify as a manifold benefit to everyone.”

Beekeepers in the province can expect to access resources from the KRTP program in 2021.

Beekeepers can “reach out to our new KRTP team and be engaged with the projects,” Friesen told

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