Got Grain in the Bin?

Jul 24, 2014

Take guessing out of the equation. BINcast tells farmers when to turn on the aeration fan

By Amanda Brodhagen,

A new web-based program called BINcast, is making it easier for Ontario grain farmers to know when it’s the best time to turn on the aeration fan to remove moisture from stored grain.

The free online tool uses weather data to make recommendations about when to turn fans on and off to reach maximum drying efficiency. This information is valuable, as fans that are started at the wrong time can actually impede the drying process.

Weather plays a significant role in determining whether turning on the aeration fan will either remove or add moisture to grain stored in the bin. The BINcast service also serves as an advisory tool to help grain farmers in their decision making process. It calculates the equilibrium moisture content (EMC) in the grain, provides five-day weather forecast updates that are location-specific, and notices about when aeration fans should run or not run.

How BINcast works

Farmers can access BINcast online. Information can be quickly accessed in a three-step process:

Go to the BINcast website at

1. Use the map that is featured on the site to find your farm and click on the exact location of the bin storage area

2. Select the type of grain in the bin

3. Once that information is inputted, grain growers can then view the forecast data

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