Germany Serves 3D-Printed Food in Nursing Homes

Jun 03, 2014

By Amanda Brodhagen,

In Germany, seniors are being served 3D-printed food.

The European Union has earmarked about $4-million in funding to assist with the development of 3-D food. Specifically “smoothfood,” food that uses pureed food, but makes it look more appetizing to eat.

Smoothfood is a new term that was created by a company called Biozoon in 2010. The food looks more like regular food, but its texture makes it easier for older people to eat food with less concern of choking.

Currently, there are only six choices available as smoothfoods, which include cauliflower, peas, chicken, pork, potatoes and pasta. Apparently, the food is cooked, pureed and mixed with a texturiser, then “printed” into recognizable food shapes.

Biozoon is reportedly working in collaboration with 14 companies from five countries. The group which is called PERFORMANCE stands for – personalized food using rapid manufacturing for the nutrition of elderly consumers. The hope is that if the concept catches on, it will lower costs for homecare providers. While the idea may sound cool, it isn’t without challenges. Regular pureed dishes presently take less time and money to make.

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