kicks off Ag Machinery Profile Series

Feb 03, 2015

John Deere’s 5M Series first to be spotlighted

By Diego Flammini,

Like a carpenter, mechanic or surgeon, farmers also need the proper tools to make sure their work gets done as close to perfectly as possible without sacrificing time or money to make sure the job gets done. is starting a series of profile pieces on some of the biggest farm machinery manufacturers and their new technologies and equipment to help farmers along in the upcoming planting season and beyond.

Kicking off the Ag Machinery Profile Series will be new equipment from the manufacturer immortalized by a yellow deer on a green background – John Deere.

John Deere has released its two new tractor series – the 5M Series and the 6R Series. The first spotlight is on the 5M Series.

The 5M Series tractors come in a variety of engine sizes ranging from the 75hp 5057M model to the larger 115hp 5115M model. Each model in the 5M Series of tractors comes with a Premium Cab option in which the tractor will come equipped with a deluxe stereo system, Bluetooth capabilities, a USB port, auxiliary connectivity, a loader view window with an included sun shade and a floor mat in the back.

They feature a slide-out condenser, a charge air cooler that tilts and sliding oil cooler that should make getting the tractor serviced easy and hassle-free. An extra screen also acts as a filter to catch large pieces of debris from entering the cooling elements.

The 5M tractors feature a low sloping hood allowing for an extra 4ft of visibility in the front as well an LED work light option, allowing farmers to start their work earlier and finish later.

Check back often for the profile of the 6R Series and other ag machinery manufacturers. Don’t forget to check out’s machinery and farm equipment dealers pages to find the most suitable dealers and machines for your farming needs.


John Deere logo. Taina Sohlman /
John Deere logo
Taina Sohlman /

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