Ag Machinery Profile Series: Part II

Feb 04, 2015

John Deere’s 6R Series takes the stage

By Diego Flammini,

All through 2015, will be spotlighting and highlighting some of the newest machinery and innovations in agriculture to give the farmer a head start on the kind of machinery they might need to improve their chances of more efficient work with a higher yield.

Part two of the Ag Machinery Profile Series will focus on John Deere’s new “athletes”, their 6R series of tractors.

When the word “athlete” is said, what traits come to mind? Big, fast and strong more than likely. Athletes are more than that. They have the ability to adapt to harsh playing conditions and to find that extra gear to push through when the game feels like it’s out of reach.

Like athletes, the John Deere 6R Series of tractors come in all shapes and sizes. On the smaller side, the 6105R is a 125hp tractor with the ability to lift 4,600kg while staying compact, light and tough.

A mid-sized tractor, the 6140R comes in with 160hp and can lift 7,200kg on a 350L tank. It’s the perfect mix of versatile, efficient and strong.

The biggest in the series, the 6215R has 215hp with the potential to go up to 255HP. It can lift more than 9,000kg. It’s dependable and has stunning power.

All models in the 6R series come with enough features to make the farmer want to be in the field all day and night including panoramic doors and a large windscreen to give maximum visibility when working. Bluetooth connectivity and multiple outlets allow the farmer to stay connected in a safe manner, and the GreenStar 3 Command Center allows for managing of other equipment without an additional monitor.

Check back often for the profile of other ag machinery manufacturers. Don’t forget to check out’s machinery and farm equipment dealer pages to find the most suitable dealers and machines for your farming needs.

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