Farmers in North Carolina encouraged to take emergency precautions

Oct 02, 2015

Hurricane-like conditions could hit the state

By Diego Flammini,

As Hurricane Joaquin makes its way towards the United States, farmers in North Carolina are being urged to take the necessary precautions should hurricane-like conditions take place in the state.


Rain has hit North Carolina for almost the entire week and the ground is saturated. If the hurricane hits close to the coast, trees could topple and there could be vast power outages.

According to the National Weather Service’s National Hurricane Center, the hurricane is moving north at 3mph and currently has a maximum sustained wind of 130mph.

“Now is the time to take a tour through the farm and clean things up to help minimize damage caused by debris, wind and flooding,” said Agriculture Commissioner Steve Troxler in a release.

Farmers are being encouraged to clean ditches, secure any signage and loose objects and to have extra food and fuel on hand.

Troxler released lists of tips farmers can take to protect themselves, their families and farms from damage.

Equipment Needed

  • Purchase, rent or lease a backup generator in advance and ensure a transfer switch is properly installed with the generator
  • Buy extra fuel for vehicles and generators as well as a hand fuel pump
  • Have a camera that stamps the date and time when a photo is taken
  • Extra water and feed for animals
  • Two-way radios, batteries and a NOAA radio

Preparing Property

  • Clear debris from drainage ditches
  • Move equipment, pesticides and fertilizers to higher ground
  • Prune trees close to power lines
  • Secure signage
  • Store business records in a safe location above flood level
  • Check condition of buildings and secure any loose structures

Farmers in North Carolina who use social media can use the hashtags #ncdisaster and #ncwx to share tips with other farmers and keep up with the weather conditions in the state.

Join the conversation and tell us the steps you take on your farm when severe weather could be on its way.