Farmer input requested for cybersecurity project

Farmer input requested for cybersecurity project
Jan 21, 2022

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Ag-related cybersecurity research looking for aid from Canadian farmers.

By Andrew Joseph,

Looking for help to better understand and prevent cybersecurity issues, Canadian farmers are being asked to help.

Cybersecurity is the protection of computer systems, communications technology and/or devices connected through a network or Internet from accidental or intentional disruption… such as ransomware attacks.

The Community Safety Knowledge (CSK) Alliance—the lead organization on the Cyber Security Capacity in Canadian Agriculture project—wants Canadian farmers to fill out an online survey so it can understand what farmers know and experience cybersecurity at work.

CSK said it believes this to be the first comprehensive survey of cybersecurity specifically dealing with the Canadian farm sector.

It said that information gleaned from this survey will be used to develop information and recommendations to help farmers safeguard their operations.

The survey is confidential and no personally identifying information will be attached to any reports.

To participate in the survey running through February 18, 2022, Canadian farmers can click here:

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