Emergency grazing options available for Alta. producers

Emergency grazing options available for Alta. producers
May 24, 2023

The Alberta government is also accepting applications for temporary grazing on vacant public lands

By Diego Flammini
Staff Writer

The Alberta government wants livestock producers to know it is supporting them during the wildfires.

“Alberta’s government is actively working to support and find solutions for livestock producers who have been affected by wildfires,” a May 19 release from Alberta Forestry, Parks and Tourism says.

Under the province’s state of emergency, grazing disposition holders with available grazing capacity can accept livestock from other farmers if certain conditions are met.

Those conditions state that:

  • Grazing disposition holders remain responsible for stewardship of the disposition.
  • Grazing disposition holders who accept other livestock must report the additional livestock on the lease within seven calendar days to their local rangeland agrologist.
  • Grazing disposition holders must report any measures taken with respect to supplemental feeding within seven calendar days.
  • The health of the rangeland must be maintained.
  • The use by the other livestock must be reported on the dispositions holder’s stock return.

In addition, the provincial government is accepting applications for temporary grazing on vacant public lands.

Producers can call 310-LAND (5263) for additional information.

Rodeo grounds, exhibition grounds and auction markets may also be able to provide support, the government says.

More support for agricultural producers is coming.

“These will include authorizations for other livestock on dispositions with extra available forage, emergency haying and grazing and strategies to help address water shortages,” the release says.

As of the afternoon of May 24, 67 wildfires are active in Alberta.

Of those, 17 are considered out of control.