CWRC welcomes new executive and host

CWRC welcomes new executive and host
Nov 13, 2020

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The Alberta Wheat Commission takes over hosting from SaskWheat

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The Canadian Wheat Research Coalition (CWRC), comprised of the Alberta Wheat Commission (AWC), the Saskatchewan Wheat Development Commission (SaskWheat) and the Manitoba Crop Alliance (MCA), recently announced important changes.

The CWRC has a new executive and hosting duties have changed hands. The new executive includes Fred Greig, who serves as chair. He is also a board member of the MCA and farms near Reston, Man.

“It's nice to give back to our ag community,” he told about being appointed to chair. “I encourage anybody to run, get elected and get on these boards. You learn a tremendous amount about our industry. (The experience) always strengthens your business sense and makes you a better farm manager or agronomist.”

The rest of the executive includes vice-chair Jake Leguee (of SaskWheat), treasurer Jason Lenz (of AWC) and president Dr. Lauren Comin (of AWC).

SaskWheat managed operational hosting duties for the last three years but that responsibility is transitioning to the AWC. The AWC staff takes over administrative functions like research funding coordination, the release stated.

“It's really about sharing the workload and everybody doing their part. I think it makes us all appreciate and understand the process a little bit better,” said Greig.

Despite the leadership changes, it’s business as usual for the CWRC, said Greig.

“We want to thank SaskWheat for all their hard work over the last three years,” he said. “We certainly appreciate that farmers have entrusted us with their checkoff dollars. We want to let everybody know we're doing our best to make sure they get maximum value for those hard-earned dollars.”

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