Custom trailers for spraying efficiency by PhiBer Manufacturing

Custom trailers for spraying efficiency by PhiBer Manufacturing
Jul 31, 2023

Discover the trailers that are designed to keep your sprayers in the field and meet your unique spraying needs.

By Haley Bilokraly Intern

Imagine if your sprayer spent less time filling, and more time in the field doing what it was designed to do?

That is the goal of PhiBer Manufacturing’s DASH sprayer trailers. learned more about the DASH spayer at Canada's Farm Show.

DASH trailers are created to speed up your fill time and make sure that your sprayer spends more time spraying than it does idling.

The DASH trailers can include up to 4 inductors that each store a different chemical. One inductor will mix and unload into a sprayer within 15 seconds.

Altogether, four inductors can fill a 1200-gallon sprayer in less than four minutes!

As the chemical is loaded into the sprayer, it is mixed and rinsed. The rinsing process utilizes a second rinse head that ensures there is no residue left in the inductor and you are not wasting any chemical.

PhiBer Manufacturing has designed the inductors to be filled by gravity feed; however, air pump solutions are also available for the option to fill the inductors from the deck.

PhiBer offers a variety of standard sized DASH trailers; however, they are no stranger to customization. PhiBer Manufacturing specializes in customized trailers to guarantee that each trailer fits the unique needs of your farm. For example, they will even work with you to upgrade a trailer you already own.

Learn more about what PhiBer trailers have to offer in the video below.

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