Cool tool helps keep things in place with a Simple Strap

Cool tool helps keep things in place with a Simple Strap
Dec 15, 2023

Photo Credit: Oliver Cryns

Fasten, strap and bundle just about anything on the farm

By Denise Faguy

Sometimes on the farm, you need a helping hand to hold something in place, but you don’t have one.  That is when this cool tool, called Simple Strap, could come in handy. 

Simple strap is a patented, re-usable strap, that helps you temporarily tie things down, so that you can accomplish any farm task, from fixing fences to securing tools for transportation.   

The Simple Strap allows you to quickly and securely fasten, strap, or bundle just about anything on the farm.  It is a great alternative to rope, electrical tape, ratchets, bungee cords, and clamps.  

Simple Strap is made from self-gripping, high grade TPE rubber.  We don’t think farmers will need it, but just in case, it is made with a dielectric rating of 600 V/mil - meaning it is an insulating material (it does not conduct electric current). 

Simple Strap is ready for on-farm conditions it works wet, underwater, and even dirty.  It also can be used under a wide range of temperatures from frigid cold -60F up to blistering hot temperatures of 150°F.   

Two other great things about the Simple Strap that make it so cool: 

It is completely reusable 

Unlike bungee cords it will not recoil and hit you in the face. 

For more information about the Simple Strap, watch the video below. 

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