Celebrating Saskatchewan's Young Farmers

Celebrating Saskatchewan's Young Farmers
May 21, 2024

By Farms.com

The 2024 Outstanding Young Farmers for Saskatchewan will be revealed at Canada’s Farm Show, showcasing the dedication and innovation of agricultural leaders in the region. Among the contenders are two remarkable farm families: E3 Ag Ventures from Riverhurst, and Pine Ranch from Morse.

E3 Ag Ventures, led by Jeff and Riley Ewen, epitomizes generational farming excellence. Situated in Riverhurst, SK, their farm, established in 1912, has now flourished to nearly 13,000 acres. Jeff and Riley's transition from off-farm careers to managing the family legacy showcases their commitment to sustainable agriculture and community engagement. From certified seed production to custom farming, their innovative practices set a high standard in the industry.

Pine Ranch, with Cyle and Erika Stewart, represents a modern approach to ranching in Morse, SK. With a focus on soil health, cattle nutrition, and low-stress handling, the Stewarts prioritize both animal welfare and environmental stewardship. Their involvement in various agricultural organizations underscores their dedication to advancing the industry and advocating for responsible beef production.

These two outstanding young families exemplify the innovation, dedication, and community spirit that drive Saskatchewan's agricultural sector. The announcement of the 2024 Outstanding Young Farmers is sure to generate excitement at Canada's Farm Show.

Be sure to attend Canada’s Farm Show to see who will be named the 2024 Outstanding Young Farmers for Saskatchewan.

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