Canadians celebrate Food Freedom Day

Canadians celebrate Food Freedom Day
Feb 07, 2018

The occasion recognizes food accessibility and affordability across the country


By Kaitlynn Anderson

Staff Reporter


This Friday, farmers and consumers across Canada will have a reason to celebrate.

Feb. 9 marks “the day when the average Canadian has earned enough income to pay for his or her grocery bill for the entire year,” according to last month’s news release on AgriLink.

Each year, the Canadian Federation of Agriculture (CFA) calculates the population’s total retail expenditure on food and beverages. Then, the CFA divides this number by the average total household disposable income, the organization stated in a release.

Finally, the “CFA then determines what this percentage of the year is, by day,” the release said. This day is recognized as Food Freedom Day.

Last year, the population spent 11 per cent of its disposable income on food. This number increased slightly from 2016 when Canadians only spent 10.7 per cent of this income.

As a result, the country will celebrate the 2018 Food Freedom Day one day later than last year.

This difference in dates reflects a slight increase in cost that consumers faced compared to 2016. The increase is largely due to shifting consumer habits and weather volatility in some key production areas, the release stated.

To continue to support the country’s farmers and food system, Canadians can choose to purchase Canadian products at the grocery store.

“The Canadian brand is recognized as a source of high quality food. And when it comes to safety, animal welfare standards, and the sustainability of our products, it’s a brand to be proud of,” Ron Bonnett, president of the CFA, said in the release. “We ask that consumers place their ‘grocery store vote’ for Canadian farmers and invest in a stable domestic food supply.”

And the Kent Federation of Agriculture (KFA) plans to celebrate by donating local food to the Salvation Army and Outreach for Hunger in Chatham-Kent, according to the AgriLink release.

“We provide fresh fruits, vegetables, and ground pork and beef,” Mary Anne Udvari, director of the KFA, told today.

The organization is proud to be a part of the celebration.

“We are very fortunate to have a vast selection of fresh, safe, healthy and affordable food produced right here in Canada.”

Producers and consumers who would like to contribute food or financial donations can contact the KFA by phone at 519-674-1500 (extension 63595) or by email.




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