Canada's agriculture champions environmental care

Nov 10, 2023

By Jean-Paul McDonald

The House of Commons Standing Committee on Agriculture and Agri-Food has unveiled a detailed report showcasing the agricultural sector's efforts to combat environmental issues. The report, "Stewards of the Land: Examining Canadian Agriculture’s Environmental Contribution," presented to the House of Commons, draws from extensive witness testimonies collected over a series of meetings. 

Farmers in Canada have long served as caretakers of the land, consistently seeking to harmonize agricultural productivity with ecological preservation. The document sets forth 14 actionable recommendations for the federal government to enhance this legacy.  

These suggestions range from establishing a national framework for environmental data collection to adopting advanced programs like the 4R Stewardship for efficient fertilizer use, both of which could significantly mitigate the sector's carbon footprint according to the report. 

The report gives special attention to the plight of honeybees, a critical pollinator whose colonies have suffered alarming mortality rates. It calls for improved access to international resources and bolstered support for the Pest Regulatory Management Authority, ensuring that pest control measures are effective yet harmless to pollinators. 

For a sector that is instrumental to both the economy and the environment, these guidelines serve as a roadmap for sustainable advancement. The committee urges the adoption of practices that enhance carbon trapping in soil, thereby turning farming operations into carbon sinks rather than sources. 

This report is a result of collaborative efforts, reflecting inputs from varied stakeholders, including beekeepers, farmers, and environmental experts. It underscores the necessity for supportive infrastructures that facilitate responsible farming and safeguard the ecosystem. Additionally, it recommends fostering cross-border collaboration to maintain bee health, reflecting a global perspective on local agricultural practices. 

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