Booming US Ag exports - A growing share of American produce

May 23, 2024


American agriculture is a powerhouse, and a significant portion of its production finds its way to markets worldwide. On average, over 20% of US agricultural output is exported each year, highlighting the importance of this international trade.

The good news is that this export market is expanding, particularly for non-manufactured agricultural products. These include essential commodities like grains, oilseeds, and fresh produce. Over the past decade, exports of these items have grown by an impressive 1.4% annually, compared to overall production.

For some products, exports are a major driver. Food grains, for instance, see a staggering 65% of their production value exported, while fruits and tree nuts reach 44%. This demonstrates the global demand for high-quality American agricultural products.

In contrast, the US exports a smaller share of manufactured agricultural goods, such as sweeteners, baked items, and dairy products. The export share of these products has actually declined slightly since 2012, suggesting that a larger portion is being consumed domestically.

This trend highlights the growing importance of US agriculture on the global stage. As the world's population continues to rise, the demand for high-quality food is only going to increase. American farmers are well-positioned to meet this challenge, and the export market offers a significant opportunity for continued growth.