Bayer bringing Delaro Complete to Western Canadian farmers

Bayer bringing Delaro Complete to Western Canadian farmers
Jul 20, 2023

The product provides a multi-mode of action solution for pulse growers

By Diego Flammini
Staff Writer

Pulse growers in Western Canada will have a new tool available to them in 2024 to help control diseases.

Bayer is launching Delaro Complete fungicide in Western Canada to bring a new multi-mode of action solution to the market.

“Our Delaro family of fungicides has gotten bigger,” Ashley Smith, marketing manager of crop protection for Western Canada at Bayer, told “It’s got three modes of action – a Group 3 prothioconazole, a Group 11 trifloxystrobin, and new for Delaro Complete is the addition of a Group 7, fluopyram.”

The fluopyram is highly plant mobile and provides residual protection, it disrupts spore germination, causes a physiological and greening reaction in the plant leading to improved light energy harvesting, and is ideal for high-disease pressure situations.

“What it does, especially for our lentil and chickpea growers, is advance the control and protection of grey and white mould, but also for two pathogens that have known resistance to Group 11s, both anthracnose and ascochyta,” Smith said.

The prothioconazole has longer residual action than most other Group 3 fungicides and is effective against white mould.

And the trifloxystrobin provides broad-spectrum activity to help control moulds, mildews, leaf spot and rusts.

The product will be sold in 7.1 L jugs or 113.8 L drums for the 2024 season.

Bayer recommends lentil, chickpea and field pea farmers apply Delaro Complete preventively at first flower or the first signs of disease.

The product fits well into the two-pass system, Smith said.

 “You could go in with Delaro Complete in your first pass, then about 10 to 14 days later when your canopy is closing in, growers should consider going in with a second pass of Delaro Complete or Proline Gold depending on the pressures and conditions in the field. It really gives solution options across the spectrum.”

Bayer has completed a robust market development trial program.

And because the product received registration prior to application timing, Bayer was able to conduct 45 field-scale trials in 2023. Bayer will share those results with farmers this fall.

Historical performance shows Delaro Complete can help save bushels, Smith said.

“In a high-disease situation against an untreated, you could be looking as high as eight to 10 bushels in those situations,” she said.

Bayer is bringing Delaro Complete to the west after a successful launch in Eastern Canada in 2021. In Eastern Canada, farmers use the product to control diseases like common rust, eye spot and white mould.

Farmers interested in learning more about Delaro Complete are encouraged to contact their local Bayer representatives and retail.

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