BASF unveils modernized facility

BASF unveils modernized facility
Nov 24, 2020

Changes include upgrades to the mechanical operations and automation systems 

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A BASF Canada Agricultural Solutions (BASF) facility in Regina, Sask. had more than $14 million in upgrades completed to help better serve customers on the Prairies and across Canada.

“Two years ago, BASF initiated a plan to significantly invest in transforming our facility in Regina in the heart of Canada's ag industry,” said Jonathan Sweat in a virtual announcement. “Recent enhancements to the site provide BASF with greater flexibility to support the production of new products in the future. Underpinning our commitment to innovation, and ensuring we continue to provide solutions farmers need today and tomorrow.”

Sweat is the vice-president, business management for BASF.

The upgrades include changes to mechanical operations, quality control and safety protocols, performance and automation systems, including ones in the packaging area.

“Another benefit of this transformation is the level of automation has allowed us to achieve. Prior to the renovation, many processes were manual. Now, with new automation systems in place, we could run many from the control room letting technology do the work for us. The result is less waste, both in raw materials and production time and better product flow from start to finish,” said Kaleb Grittner, the BASF Regina site manager.

The facility had upgrades to areas such as the tank farm as well, said Grittner.

“Our tank farm improvements include unique offloading systems, dedicated storage tanks, meaning that right from the start, every product coming into this facility meets rigorous standards,” he said.

Saskatchewan-based contractors completed 100 per cent of the work for the facility upgrades and modernization. The changes made help ensure farmers can get the right products at the right time.

“This investment signifies our commitment to strengthening our presence in Canada and enhancing our support for farmers as they continue to do the hard work that will ensure this country remains an agricultural powerhouse both today and, in the future,,” said Sweat.

Photo credit: BASF photo

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