ATV Safety Training Essential for the farm

ATV Safety Training Essential for the farm
Apr 25, 2024


To curb the rising incidents of ATV-related injuries and fatalities among youth, various industry stakeholders in Ontario have come together to offer a new educational resource.  

The program, called Ready to RideON, is spearheaded by the Ontario Quad Safety Council in collaboration with the Ontario Federation of All Terrain Vehicle Clubs (OFATV), Yamaha Motor Canada, and Bombardier Recreational Products. 

ATV riding, a popular and sometimes necessary activity for young people in rural areas and on farms, presents significant risks due to the power and size of these vehicles. Recognizing this, industry leaders have responded with Ready to RideON, aimed at 12 to 15-year-olds who frequent Ontario’s trails.  

The initiative comes amid growing concerns about ATV safety, underscored by distressing statistics from hospitals and police reports. 

According to data from SickKids, there were 181 serious ATV-related injuries among youth in 2018, including six fatalities. Studies suggest that provinces with mandatory youth training for ATV riders see lower rates of accidents and injuries. This is a crucial insight that underpins the new program, highlighting the need for structured training to mitigate risks. 

Ready to RideON is a two-hour, $40 online course that educates young riders on everything from the basic parts and functions of ATVs to responsible riding practices. This program not only aims to reduce the number of accidents but also fosters a safer riding environment across the province. 

Police reports shed light on the severity of the issue, with over 150 fatalities and more than 1,500 injuries from ATV and side-by-side incidents in Ontario from 2016 to 2022. This further emphasizes the importance of comprehensive training and education. 

Industry leaders like Elsa Vilarinho of BRP and Delaney Brogan from Yamaha Motors Canada express their enthusiasm for the program, noting its potential to make a significant impact on ATV safety and rider preparedness. For more details on the Ready to RideON program, individuals are encouraged to visit the OFATV website

Through initiatives like these, stakeholders hope to foster a culture of safety and responsibility among young ATV riders, ensuring they enjoy the freedom of riding while minimizing the risks involved. 

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