Are You Vulnerable to Mental Health Issues?

Are You Vulnerable to Mental Health Issues?
Jan 23, 2023

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Learn about the reality of mental health in the agriculture industry from Megz Reynolds.

Haley Bilokraly Intern

Research says that 35% of Canadian producers met the classification for depression and 1 in 4 believed their life was not worth living.

Megz Reynolds, Executive Director at the Do More Agriculture Foundation, shared startling statistics about mental health amongst producers during the 2022 Western Precision Agriculture Conference & Ag Tech Showcase in November.

After touching on what is mental health and the stigma surrounding it, the discussion continued with tangible tips for supporting others. This included how to notice signs of mental health distress and sample questions to ask someone you suspect is struggling.

While supporting others is great, it was also stressed that you need to support yourself first. Reynolds provided tips for farmers to take care of their mental health even though life on the farm is full of uncertainty.

Many farmers feel alone in their mental health struggles, but those in the agriculture industry are the most vulnerable to it. “A certified professional is always best, but of course, talking to somebody is better than talking to nobody” said Reynolds when explaining the importance of reaching out for help.

Hear more about mental health in agriculture from Megz by clicking the video below.

Mental Health Resources by Province (and State) are also available on the website


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