Alta. community comes together for local grain elevator

Alta. community comes together for local grain elevator
Feb 23, 2024

The people of Nanton raised money to recoup costs for stolen cables

By Diego Flammini
Staff Writer

Members of an Alberta community came together in support of its local grain elevator.

The people of Nanton, Alta. and the surroinding communities drew the winning ticket of a 50/50 raffle on Valentine’s Day, with half of the winnings, $4,910 to be exact, donated to the Canadian Grain Elevator Discovery Centre.

The community purchased 6,382 tickets for the raffle.

This money is being used to recoup costs from a theft that occurred after Christmas.

On Dec. 29, thieves stole one 30-metre 240vac cable and nine 15-metre power cables. These cables were rented or loaned to the discovery centre, CTV reported.

These cables supply power to lights used for special displays throughout the year.

The winning ticket went to a familiar face in the community.

Jen Handley, the mayor of Nanton, won the raffle, the discovery centre’s website says.

Though the raffle is over, community members are trying to do more for the grain elevators.

A local resident, Micheal Sawyer, has pledged a $3,000 donation to the elevators if another business or individual will match his donation. has contacted Mayor Handley about the community support for the elevators and is trying to connect with Sawyer about his donation.

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