Agriculture appeals for urgent E15 waiver

Mar 27, 2024


Agricultural and biofuels associations have joined forces, urging the EPA to swiftly issue an emergency waiver facilitating the continuous sale of E15. In a letter addressed to EPA Administrator Michael Regan, these groups highlighted the critical need to maintain E15 availability amidst escalating global energy challenges. 

Citing ongoing conflicts worldwide, including prolonged unrest in Ukraine and recent disruptions in the Middle East, the groups emphasized the vulnerabilities in the United States' transportation energy supply. Concerns were raised regarding potential disruptions to global energy markets and subsequent impacts on domestic gasoline prices due to recent attacks on shipping and volatility in the Red Sea region. 

Signed by prominent organizations such as the Renewable Fuels Association and the National Farmers Union, the letter urges the EPA to implement the waiver by May 1, 2024, ahead of the summer driving season. The groups argue that such action is essential to address current challenges and stabilize gasoline prices for American consumers. 

Highlighting past emergency waivers and their associated consumer cost savings, ranging from 10 to 30 cents per gallon on average, the organizations underscored the broader benefits of continued E15 access for energy security and rural economies. 

While acknowledging the EPA's recent rule permitting year-round E15 sales in select Midwest states by 2025, the groups stress the urgent need for immediate action to address present energy supply risks.

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