Ag included in TIME’s Best Invention List

Ag included in TIME’s Best Invention List
Oct 27, 2023

The New Holland T7 Methane Power LNG tractor received a special mention

By Diego Flammini
Staff Writer

An ag innovation found its name in a TIME publication.

New Holland’s T7 Methane Power LNG tractor, which it introduced in 2022, received a special mention in TIME’s 2023 Best Invention List.

The list, which TIME has put out each year for about 20 years, celebrates the best 200 inventions of the past year and recognizes 50 others for their unique characteristics.

New Holland’s tractor and its 270hp received recognition for how it helps farmers raise food more sustainably.

A system developed by Bennamann, a company whose products help capture and repurpose methane, allows farmers to capture “fugitive gas from covered manure lagoons and process it into LNG for storage in on-site cryogenic tanks,” TIME writes. “The T7 could become commercially available as soon as 2026.”

The cryogenic tanks keep the methane stored at a temperature of -162 C (-259 F) to prevent methane loss into the atmosphere.

Each tractor, when fueled by captured and processed bioLNG, can reduce carbon emissions by almost 900 tons per year.

New Holland is pleased to be included in TIME’s list.

“It’s an honor to receive such a prestigious recognition from TIME, a publication with an esteemed legacy in journalism,” Carlo Lambro, president of New Holland, said in a statement. “This Mention reflects the long commitment New Holland has in sustainability and our role of leadership in the agricultural sector. This award is a milestone for the company so congratulations to everyone who worked so hard to achieve such incredible results.”

Other ag products are on the list too.

The Sweet Garleek, a cross between garlic and a leek from Row 7 Seed Company, is among the entries in the food and drink category.

“The result of 10 years of selective breeding and testing, the Sweet Garleek intensifies the sweetness of the leek and the rich, savory taste of garlic (without the aggressive pungence),” TIME wrote.

Good Meat’s cultivated chicken is also on the list.

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