A snow shovel that acts as a grain bin cleaner!

A snow shovel that acts as a grain bin cleaner!
Oct 27, 2023

Photo Credit: Toro

Cleaning out those last few bits of grain in the bin can be challenging, but using the 60V Max 12” Power Shovel could be a game changer.

Braxten Breen
Farms.com Intern

Who would have thought a power shovel designed to throw snow could also be used when cleaning out your grain bins?

Don’t get us wrong, we are sure this is a great power snow shovel in the winter, but The Toro Company representative Dan Diehl showcased this product for a use that is particular to farmers who are trying to clean out a grain bin.

The Power Shovel is easy to manoeuvre, super convenient, cordless, and will create a hassle-free environment when cleaning your grain bins.

You can choose the battery that best suits you and your grain bin needs, as well as maybe your snow shovel needs, but the Toro Company recommends the 60V L135 battery. Along with having the ability to switch between two different speed levels at your fingertips, you can have power when you want it and control when you need it.

According to the company website, the 60V Max 12” Power Shovel clears a driveway big enough for four cars on one charge. It says it can get through snow that is up to six inches deep and throw snow up to 25 feet. The team at Farms.com is not sure how that translated to a grain bin, but we are optimistic.

The shovel features a three-phase brushless motor that optimizes rpms and torque so that you get peak performance whether you are using it for snow or grain bins.

This could be a game-changer. The next time you go to clean out your grain bins, a battery-operated lightweight Power Shovel made for snow can now be used for tasks on the farm.

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