Ag in the House: Feb. 12 – 16

Ag in the House: Feb. 12 – 16
Feb 20, 2024

John Barlow brought up Bill C-234 on Feb. 13

By Diego Flammini
Staff Writer

Conservative Ag Critic John Barlow wants the federal government to stop playing political games and pass Bill C-234.

The bill “would give a carbon tax carve out for farmers and lower the price of food,” he told the House on Feb. 13 – Canada’s Agriculture Day.

Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland answered but didn’t address the carbon tax, instead highlighting job growth and wages.

In his follow-up question, Barlow highlighted how not passing the bill affects producers.

“We now know that the amendments to Bill C-234, pushed through by Liberal-appointed senators, would increase costs on farmers by $200 million,” he said. “This Conservative common-sense bill in its original form would save farmers a billion dollars by 2030.”

Federal Agriculture Minister Lawrence MacAulay fielded Barlow’s question.

His response acknowledged farmers for their work to take care of the land, and reminded the house that Tyler McCann of the Canadian Agri-Food Policy Institute “indicated to the committee members that there was no data to support the idea that carbon pricing is resulting in an increase in food prices.”

Len Webber, the Conservative MP for Calgary confederation, brought up Bill C-234 and how it affects the food supply chain.

On Feb. 16, he reminded the House that “if one taxes the farmer who grows the food and taxes the trucker who ships the food, then one taxes the people who buy the food,” when asking if the Liberals will back away from their planned April 1 carbon tax increase.

Environment Minister Steven Guilbeault provided the response.

He referred to Sylvain Charlebois and his appearance in front of the ag committee where Charlebois indicated there’s no evidence between the carbon tax and increased grocery costs.

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