Administrative budget backs green aviation

Mar 13, 2024


In a significant push towards a cleaner future, Administrator’s budget for fiscal year 2025 unveils a comprehensive $7.3 trillion investment plan, emphasizing the role of sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) in achieving environmental and climate objectives. This ambitious proposal details targeted funding across key federal departments, notably the DOE, USDA, and DOT, underscoring the administration’s dedication to advancing SAF and other clean energy solutions. 

With $10.6 billion earmarked for the DOE’s climate and clean energy programs, the budget underscores a strong commitment to reducing industrial pollution and fostering the commercialization of groundbreaking technologies.  

Among these, SAF emerges as a priority, receiving nearly $900 million for development efforts aimed at realizing zero-emission aviation. A significant portion of this funding, $280 million, is designated for the DOE’s Bioenergy Technologies Office to spearhead SAF-related initiatives, highlighting the critical role of bioenergy in the sustainable transformation of the aviation sector. 

The proposal further allocates $8.5 billion to support clean energy innovation, enhancing the DOE’s capacity to accelerate the deployment of SAF, among other renewable energy sources. The DOT’s Federal Aviation Administration is set to benefit from $71 million in funding dedicated to environmental research, focusing on next-generation aircraft technologies and SAF advancement. 

The USDA’s budget reflects a holistic approach to promoting a biobased economy, emphasizing the SAF Grand Challenge and its role in reducing SAF production costs and expanding capacity. This initiative, in collaboration with the DOE and DOT, aims to meet the burgeoning demand for SAF and strengthen the nation’s biomanufacturing infrastructure. Additionally, the budget highlights international collaborations, such as the engagement with Japan to double ethanol demand, further positioning SAF as a pivotal element in global climate strategy. 

Through these comprehensive investments, Administrator’s FY 2025 budget request positions SAF at the forefront of the United States’ efforts to transition to a more sustainable and environmentally friendly aviation industry, signaling a clear commitment to innovative solutions in the fight against climate change.

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