A Valentine’s story from an Ontario farm

A Valentine’s story from an Ontario farm
Feb 13, 2023

Jordan Murray proposed to Sara Anne after putting out a combine fire

By Diego Flammini
Staff Writer

With Valetine’s Day tomorrow (don’t forget!) Farms.com caught up with one Ontario producer who received a marriage proposal that could only happen on a farm.

Sara Anne and Jordan Murray operate Salem View Farms, Jordan’s family’s farm, near Clifford, Ont. There they raise beef, lamb, and various crops.

Jordan popped the question to Sara in October 2022 during soybean harvest.

“It was about 5:30 in the evening. It’s typical for us to eat supper in the field during harvest, so that’s what we were about to do,” she told Farms.com.

An unexpected fire in the combine that night had both of them scrambling to find the fire extinguisher. And Jordan had to find another important item.

“Jordan had left the engagement ring inside the combine,” Sara said. “So, I think he had a little extra to scramble for.”

The couple managed to get the fire put out. Sara was about to head back to the shop to get Jordan tools to fix the problem inside the combine when she turned around.

Engagement ring
Sara shows off her engagement ring immediately after Jordan's proposal. (Sara Anne photo)

“He was down on one knee with the biggest smile on his face,” she said. “He looked at me and said ‘will you help me put out fires for the rest of our lives?' Of all the ways he could’ve proposed this would’ve been the last thing I ever expected.”

Knowing Jordan the way she does, Sara didn’t put the combine fire past him as part of his proposal plan, she said.

The couple had been together for about two years when Jordan popped the question.

Subtle conversations related to marriage had come up during that time, Sara said.

“Nothing was ever direct when he asked questions so nothing was a dead giveaway,” she said. “I’d be sitting there thinking, ‘I know why you’re asking this, but like why are you asking this?’”

Sara and Jordan
Sara and Jordan. (Sassy Al Pictures photo)

The couple have set a date for their wedding and will tie the knot this September at the farm.

There are no plans for burning combines to be part of the décor, but the reception will take place near some machinery, Sara said.

Farms.com extends its congratulations to Sara and Jordan on their upcoming wedding!

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