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Com-Gen Lunch #5 - Solar on Every Rooftop in the Bow Valley

Sep 22, 2023

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Video: Com-Gen Lunch #5 - Solar on Every Rooftop in the Bow Valley

Sometimes community renewable energy does not have to be one solar or wind project in a community. At the Com-Gen Lunch on June 26th, 2020, Jodi Conuel of the Bow Valley Green Energy Co-operative outlined the organization's vision for making renewable energy affordable and accessible for people in their community. But how?

Jodi Conuel explains by pooling financial resources within the community, Bow Valley Green Energy will fund rooftop solar projects and other forms of community renewable energy. The energy is either sold back to the grid or the owner of the building where the install is, for example. Profits are shared among investors and invested into community projects.

The video will provide you with a great 'playbook' on how to form a community renewable energy co-operative and point out some of the challenges you may face. For Jodi and Bow Valley Green Energy it is important to not only see this initiative succeed in their community, but to inspire similar initiatives across Alberta as well.

Community Generation Network is made up of community groups, co-ops, installers, municipalities and individuals in Alberta who are interested in creating community renewable energy projects (i.e. renewable energy projects that generate benefits for communities beyond electricity). The Com-Gen Lunch is a biweekly opportunity to discuss the community benefits of developing your own community renewable energy projects with peers and partners and hear success stories from right here in Alberta. It is hosted by the Alberta Community and Co-operative Association and Rural Routes to Climate Solutions