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Pig pea starch diet

Pigs fed pelleted rations containing 40 per cent pea starch grew really well with great feed efficiency.

Sask research finds pea starch makes excellent feed ingredient
Merck Swine Canada E-News 2023
Pig heat stress in transportation

Pigs are prone to heat stress because they possess few sweat glands and are unable to generate enough skin moisture to allow evaporative cooling.

Minimizing the risk of heat stress in pigs during transportation

On average, feed intake during the first 3-4 days after weaning is too low to meet the pig’s energy requirements for maintenance, let alone growth.

Put weaned pigs on the feed intake fast track

In their first 12 weeks of life pigs undergo a large amount of development and the behaviors they learn during this period has long lasting effects on their welfare and productivity.

Saskatchewan research explores benefits of play and time spent with humans on pig welfare and productivity

Proposition 12 is a voter-enacted law that considers confinement of pigs "cruel" if it prevents a pig from "lying down, standing up, fully extending (its) limbs or turning around freely."

Pork industry sees Prop 12 enforcement hurting pig farmers, consumers and animal health
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2023 Precision Ag Scholarship Contest
Expert Commentary

Manganese is an essential nutrient in pig diets because it plays a crucial role in various physiological and biochemical processes.

Does manganese supplementation improve swine performance?
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What should producers be looking at service wise to open their barns back up for summer?

Banthsa Thonethevaboth shares his experiences in Tech Services at Pig Tek.

What should producers be looking at service wise to open their barns back up for summer?
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RLB | Guelph, ON

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