Wrapping up another year at the Ontario Farmland Trust

Nov 28, 2023

As the year draws to a close, the barns have been stocked with hay, and the quiet winter months are upon us. Yet the tranquil, snow-blanketed fields are still full of life as creatures find their homes in the healthy soil of Ontario’s farmland.

As we wrap up another year in Ontario, we at the Ontario Farmland Trust (OFT) are reminded of the resilience and persistent vitality of our province’s farmland—much like our unwavering commitment to its protection.

Bringing About Change

This year, the power of collective action was unmistakably clear. Together, we witnessed the strength of our community as we joined forces to defend the Greenbelt, a testament to what we can accomplish with shared resolve. OFT emerged as a guiding force, as we were sought after for our expertise in safeguarding these precious lands. Our message for farmland protection was picked up by over 100 news outlets, and OFT spoke at Queen’s Park and at the announcement of the Rouge Urban National Park study (Note: video starts at 44:05). We also partnered countless times with a variety of organizations to bring awareness to the concerns over farmland loss in the province.

Source : Ontario Farmland Trust