Wheat Harvest Begins As Rain Arrives In Southwest Oklahoma

May 26, 2014

The following is the first Oklahoma wheat harvest report of the 2014 harvest season, as released on Friday afternoon by Mike Schulte, Executive Director of the Oklahoma Wheat Commission.

Wheat Harvest in the state has begun with the first loads of grain being hauled in at Frederick, Oklahoma, yesterday evening. Cassidy Grain has taken in 5 loads of grain. Test weights have ranged from 56 to 59 pounds per bushel, with the majority of grain coming in around 58 to 59 pounds. Kernel size and color is currently looking favorable on most of the grain that has been received. Yields are ranging from 10 bushel per acre to one report of 20 bushels per acre on a four acre small plot that was summer fallow ground. Variety information has not been reported at this time, and proteins on these early samples do look favorable. It was also reported that harvesting took place yesterday on the North side of the Red River down by Grandfield, but no wheat had been hauled into that location.

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