Waldo Genetics Announces Scholarship Winners

Jun 23, 2014

Dewitt, Nebraska  -- Waldo Genetics, a leading swine genetics innovator, is excited to announce its first Waldo Genetics Willard Waldo Memorial Scholarship recipients.

The scholarship is designed for eligible returning college students enrolled in an accredited Bachelor or Post-Grad program in Agriculture or Animal Science with an emphasis on the swine industry. Waldo Genetics is awarding 2 such students $1,000 each to support their academic pursuits.

“Education and philanthropy are an important part of our culture,” said Linda Gibbs, Waldo Genetics CEO. “Our industry prospers when the next generation of pork producers is better prepared to handle the industry’s future challenges and opportunities. That’s why Waldo Genetics is pleased to recognize the efforts of students whose course studies, aptitude and interests will guide them to a career in the swine industry. We are excited to know there is a great group of students about to enter the field.”

Amanda Outhouse, a student at Iowa State University and Baily Farrer, a student at Purdue University, each received $1,000 scholarships during the 2014 World Pork Expo in Des Moines, Iowa.

These two winners were chosen based on their scholastic activity, aptitude, letters of recommendation and essays that described why they are interested in a career in the swine industry.

“The passion that these students have for their career path was clear and an integral part of our selection process. All of the candidates were very close. We’re excited for the group we will have applying for next year’s scholarship. I encourage the younger scholars to apply again, next year,” said Gibbs.

"Receiving this scholarship is an honor and privilege and helps me continue my education at Purdue," said Farrer, upon receiving her scholarship at the World Pork Expo. “I am very thankful for the support of Waldo Genetics.”

Outhouse explained, “My career aspirations are to continuously improve commercial swine production for quality pork production across the world. The Waldo Genetics scholarship an important contribution to my final year at Iowa State University and I want to sincerely thank Waldo Genetics for supporting me."