Valtra Brand new A Series tractors

Jun 20, 2017
The A Series and its predecessors have always been an important part of Valtra’s model line-up so, after Valtra introduced the fourth generation of S, T and N Series, it was only a matter of time before the A Series followed. In Valtra’s early years the company established a reputation specifically as a manufacturer of small, agile and versatile tractors.
The previous generation of the A Series offered two models producing between 88 and 103 horsepower, while three smaller A Series models were available with 50 to 78 horsepower. The fourth generation of the A Series now comprises a total of seven models producing between 75 and 130 horsepower.
Three- and four-cylinder engines
The new fourth generation A Series models are powered by AGCO Power Stage 4 engines. The three smallest models have three-cylinder 3.3-litre engines, while the four larger models have four-cylinder 4.4-litre engines.
Exhaust emissions are controlled with efficient and space-saving SCR (Selective Catalytic Reduction) technology with only the smallest, A74 model, fitted with a cooled EGR system. Combined with totally new, high-pressure common rail injection systems, the new engines produce high power economically.
Modular chassis design
The A4 Series features a brand new modular chassis design that enables a broad model line-up to be manufactured efficiently and without compromising any features. For example, the three smallest models have a wheelbase of 2250 millmetres, the next larger model has a wheelbase of 2430 millimetres while the two largest models have a wheelbase of 2500 millimetres. Similarly, the smaller models weigh 3500 kilos and the larger models 4500 kilos.
The chassis design offers excellent ground clearance, which has traditionally been an important feature for Valtra owners who use their tractors for forestry, snow ploughing and harvesting operations.
Versatile transmission
The new A4 Series has 12 forward and reverse gears in two groups plus an optional creeper gear. The forward-reverse shuttle is Valtra’s well-respected HiTech power shuttle. The three smallest models offer two PTO speeds, while the four larger models have three. All A4 Series models are four-wheel-drive.
The operator can adjust the aggressiveness of the HiTech power shuttle while Valtra’s traditional AutoTraction and HiShift features minimise the use of the clutch pedal.
The hydraulic output of larger models is up to 98 litres/minute, extremely powerful for this size of tractor. The larger models also have a lift capacity of 5.2 tonnes with the linkage operated using Valtra’s precise AutoControl.
Cab design offers a comfortable working environment 
The A4 Series features a brand new cab design that offers the maximum space in this class of tractors. The new cab is both comfortable and ergonomic, making the tractor pleasant and easy to use. Electronic controls for the 4WD, diff lock and power lift fully support excellent ergonomics.
Visibility from the cab is excellent through 360 degrees. The driver’s seat swivels 180 degrees, and all controls are laid out logically making them easy to learn and use. 
Almost half of all Valtra A and N Series tractors are ordered with factory-fitted front loaders. The new A4 Series is ideal for loader tasks, and new G Series front loaders are available with either electronic or mechanical control. 
The new A4 Series was unveiled at the 2017 SIMA Show in Paris on 26 February. Serial production begins in summer 2017.
Features of the new A4 Series
  • Fresh new design similar to other fourth-generation Valtra tractors
  • Manufactured in both Brazil  and Finland
  • Broader model range than previously
  • Reliable AGCO Power engines
  • Several transmission options
  • New factory-fitted front loaders
  • Individually tailored tractors
  • Affordable financing available  from AGCO Finance
  • Local service and support  teams trained by Valtra
Source : Valtra