US forests and grasslands get a $20M research boost

Sep 04, 2023

The US is taking a giant leap in safeguarding its natural resources. The Forest Service, under the U.S. Department of Agriculture, is set to spearhead 30 research projects. Thanks to a $20 million investment, the mission is clear; to restore the health of forests, grasslands, and watersheds. This venture has the support of the president's Bipartisan Infrastructure Law and fosters partnerships across various sectors. 

These lands aren’t just scenic spots, they are lifelines. They provide essential services, from quenching our thirst with clean water to being recreational spots and habitats for countless species. Even more, they play a pivotal role in battling climate change by storing carbon. The upcoming studies will address potential risks to these lands and devise protective strategies. 

Highlighting the importance of such endeavors, Tom Vilsack underscored the significance of science-driven actions, especially with the looming threat of wildfires. The Forest Service is all hands-on deck, equipped with cutting-edge science, stressing the importance of land health.  

Healthy ecosystems are a cornerstone for the nation's economic prosperity and people's well-being. These research activities are designed to enhance existing knowledge and provide crucial insights for land management. 

This is just a piece of the larger puzzle. Previously, funding from the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law was allocated to studies targeting the 10-year Wildfire Crisis Strategy. This research focuses on risk reduction techniques, facilitating better, and safer controlled burns. A comprehensive list of these scientific endeavors is accessible online. 

Source : wisconsinagconnection
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