Ukrainian Dealership Remotely Disables Stolen Farm Equipment

May 05, 2022

According to a May 1, 2022, report from CNN, 8-store Ukrainian John Deere dealership Agrotek recently prevented Russia troops from utilizing farm equipment they had stolen from the dealership — by remotely disabling it.

The report, which cites "a Ukrainian businessman" as its source, says the equipment that was stolen by Russian troops, some of which was taken all the way to Chechnya, Russia, included 2 combines, a tractor and a planter, with 27 machines being stolen in total and valued at almost $5 million.

"The sophistication of the machinery, which are equipped with GPS, meant that its travel could be tracked. It was last tracked to the village of Zakhan Yurt in Chechnya," the report said. "The equipment ferried to Chechnya, which included combine harvesters -- can also be controlled remotely. 'When the invaders drove the stolen harvesters to Chechnya, they realized that they could not even turn them on, because the harvesters were locked remotely,' the contact said.'"

The source told CNN they believe the Russian thieves had found someone who was trying to bypass the dealership's shutdown of the equipment.

Source : Farmscape