U.S. Corn Crop Conditions Improve, But Wheat Harvest Leads the Way

Jul 04, 2023

The USDA NASS Crop Progress report indicates stable corn crop conditions in the U.S. following three weeks of decline. Soybean condition, however, continues its downward trend. The forecast for the upcoming week predicts widespread rain and cooler temperatures, which are expected to benefit crops nationwide. 

Winter wheat harvest in the U.S. stands at 37%, down 15 points from the previous year. Winter wheat conditions are rated 40% good to excellent. Corn silking reaches 8%, with corn conditions rated 51% good to excellent. Soybeans are blooming at 24% and setting pods at 4%. 

In Oklahoma, conditions for corn are improving while those for cotton and soybeans are deteriorating. 80% of the winter wheat crop is harvested. The state of the corn crop is graded 76% good to outstanding. Conditions for sorghum are currently 67% favorable to excellent. Cotton conditions are rated 56% good to outstanding, while soybean conditions are 62% good to excellent. 

Winter wheat harvests in Kansas are down, with 16% of the state's conditions being considered good to exceptional. 61% of corn fields are rated as outstanding to excellent. While cotton conditions are at 53% good to excellent, soybean blooming is at 16%. 49% of sorghum growers regard their conditions as excellent. 

In Texas, winter wheat harvest reaches 86%, while corn conditions are rated 67% good to excellent. Cotton planting reaches 96%, and sorghum conditions rate 54% good to excellent. Peanut conditions stand at 52% good to excellent. Soybeans are planted and emerged at 96% and 90% respectively. 

Overall, pasture and range conditions witness slight improvement across all three states. 

Source : wisconsinagconnection
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