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Strengthening the Canadian Agricultural Equipment Manufacturing Industry in Canada Through New and Renewed Corporate Partnerships

Feb 12, 2018

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The Agricultural Manufacturers of Canada (AMC) is pleased to announce a new corporate partnership with Dynamic Tire that takes effect immediately.  In addition to Dynamic Tire, Farm Credit Canada (FCC) and HSBC renewed their commitment as corporate partners joining long time corporate partners Glacier Farm Media, Aon Risk Management and Supreme Basics.
With a growing number of members, AMC collaborates with corporate partners to provide ongoing support, services and networking opportunities that help members' businesses grow.  The objective of the corporate partnerships is to work collaboratively for the overall growth and success of agricultural equipment manufacturers in Canada.
“Established in 2016, corporate partnerships allow AMC to implement its strategic plan faster than it would otherwise be able to,” said Leah Olson, AMC's president. “Each corporate partner is a leader in their respective areas which provides our members with access to unique insight and expertise whether in one on one discussions or at events we hold throughout the year.”
“The partnership between AMC and Dynamic Tire is and has been a very beneficial one.” said Victor Mark, Dynamic Tire's Director of OE in Canada.  “The relationship has led Dynamic Tire to an avenue that allows us access to the farming community, including farmers, OE suppliers and key personnel, and given us access to new technologies and up and coming industry changes.  As we all know the farming industry is vitally important to human existence and Dynamic Tire is proud and honoured to be a part of this essential sector of industry.”
“Through our research, we know that companies that do business internationally grow faster than those with strictly domestic businesses, and AMC has a long-standing history of working with companies to grow their businesses internationally,” adds Frank Venturo, Senior Vice President & Head of Commercial Banking, Ontario & Atlantic Region at HSBC Bank Canada.  “We are extremely pleased to be a corporate partner with AMC and look forward to working with them and their members.”
“AMC and its members represent the Canadian entrepreneurial spirit,” said Marty Seymour, FCC's director of industry and stakeholder relations. “We are proud to support AMC and the work they do to advance the business of Canadian agriculture.”
With the support and collaboration of its corporate partners, Glacier Farm Media, Aon Risk Management, Supreme Basics, HSBC Bank Canada, Farm Credit Canada and now Dynamic Tire, AMC is well positioned to strengthen the agriculture equipment manufacturing industry in Canada.
Source : The Agricultural Manufacturers of Canada