Sow Operations Sought to Participate in Group Sow Housing Conversion Project

Oct 28, 2015

A search is underway for swine operations interested in participating in a research project under which their conversions to group sow housing will be documented for use by other producers considering the change.

Canada's revised Pig Code of Practice requires all new or expanding swine operations to utilize group housing for gestating sows while existing operations must convert to group housing by 2024 or be prepared to provide as yet unspecified enhancements.

In response swine researchers across Canada, in partnership with Swine Innovation Porc, are working with individual producers through their conversions and documenting those conversions.
Dr. Jenifer Brown, a research scientist ethology with the Prairie Swine Centre, says the goal is to provide information that will be used by others looking to make the change.

Dr. Jenifer Brown-Prairie Swine Centre:
Considering all the options and having that information will hopefully be very helpful to producers.

If you can do your planning in a timely manner then you won't feel rushed as you approach 2024 and you may be thinking you're coming up to the deadline.

We've got 9 years now for people to consider all the options.

The information will be available on a web site.
The web site is going to be

It's been under development for the past year and all these farm examples will be provided on that web site as well as newsletters and articles featuring specific activities as they relate to training sows for ESF feeding systems, grouping practices and those sort of details around each feeding system.

Dr. Brown notes 4 primary conversions, 2 of which have been completed, are planned and scientists are seeking 2 more primary sites.
For more information on participating contact the Prairie Swine Centre.

Source: Farmscape

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